Ranking The Best New Shows You Can Stream Online Right Now

Ranking The Best New Shows You Can Stream Online Right Now

For the weekend of Jan. 20, a show with an extremely long name tops the list: “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.”

This is the second Ryan Murphy show to join the list this month after “9-1-1” made an appearance a couple weeks ago. But “9-1-1” is forgettable fun, and the release of “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” is an event. This show is very, very well done, and has all the indications that it will be extremely popular. It’s well worth checking out on the FX website.  

HBO’s “High Maintenance,” The CW’s “Black Lightning,” IFC’s “Portlandia” and Comedy Central’s “Corporate” all join the list as well. Besides the HBO show, you can watch all of them on their respective channels’ websites with a basic cable login.

Streamline has never added this many new shows to the list before. For whatever reason, this week has a ton to choose from, and a few shows that probably would have made the list in a less competitive week got left out.

Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie” is one of those shows ― you can read more about it on the Netflix Streamline.

Similarly, Hulu’s “The Path” got left off, although its new season has fairly strong reviews. You can find out more on the Hulu Streamline.

“Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” from Amazon also got immediately knocked off the list after debuting last week. Now, you’ll have to head over to the Amazon Streamline for that show.

HBO debuted three shows this week, but only one ― the stellar “High Maintenance” ― made the list. “Divorce,” which stars two people with long names, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church, just missed out due to slightly less positive reviews than the competition.

Streamline had expected to include “Crashing,” as its first season was pretty strong. Unfortunately, its first episode back is very, very bad ― imagine an episode of television being written by Reddit commenters. In any case, stay far away.

Also related to HBO ― a viral video from this week details how the company is literally cutting corners by cropping their content on its streaming service. This means large swaths of scenes are just missing because HBO reformatted movies to zoom closer to the action. It’s a strange decision you can learn more about in the video below.

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