Ranking The Best Shows On Amazon You Can Stream Right Now

Ranking The Best Shows On Amazon You Can Stream Right Now

For the weekend of Jan. 20, Streamline is recommending “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” in the Amazon top spot for the seventh time in a row.

As mentioned last week, that show won two awards at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards: one for best television series, musical or comedy; and the other for best performance by an actress in a television series, musical or comedy for star Rachel Brosnahan.

Streamline thought “Mrs. Maisel” was easily one of the best shows of last year, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser for many demographics.

“Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” remains at number two after debuting last week. The futuristic anthology series is pretty good, but not amazing. The episode quality also varies. The Ringer made the case for at least checking out the episodes “Real Life” and “Impossible Planet.”

The big Amazon streaming news this week was unfortunately about multiple cancelations. Amazon cut “One Mississippi,” “I Love Dick” and “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” ― the first two of which have been on the Amazon Streamline list since the start. “One Mississippi” in particular was a Streamline favorite.

Yes, these shows had extremely small audiences. It certainly seemed that the majority of people watching were television critics plus a handful of devoted fans. As these shows didn’t end up bringing in awards, it makes some sense from a business perspective to let these go.

Still, it’s not fun to be reminded that the rug will be coming out from under these small but wonderful shows. For years, streaming services seemed to offer a space for creators who never would have been able to reach a huge enough audience on network television. Now, streaming services, and particularly Amazon with the acquisition of “The Lord of the Rings” rights, seem to be pivoting to much bigger projects.

Amazon’s movie wing is also making the pivot. It will soon stop picking up movies with $5 million budgets (like their previous purchases “The Big Sick” and “Manchester By the Sea”) and start going after movies with budgets around $50 million.

It’s an end of an era.

That said, the week also had some promising news. Amazon did renew “The Tick” and entered into a two-year deal with “Catastrophe” creator Sharon Horgan. There will be at least one more season of “Catastrophe,” and then Horgan will ideally have the opportunity to create new projects.

Anyway, RIP “One Mississippi.” 

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