Richard Hammond mocks Jeremy Clarkson for being ‘humiliated’ by Sabine Schmitz on Top Gear | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Richard Hammond mocks Jeremy Clarkson for being ‘humiliated’ by Sabine Schmitz on Top Gear | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Richard Hammond, 51, couldn’t resist laughing at Jeremy Clarkson, 60, while reflecting on the moment Sabine Schmitz branded the latter’s driving “very funny”. It comes after Richard and Jeremy returned to Top Gear this evening for a special one-off episode dedicated to the German racing legend, following the sad news of her death last month.

After a clip was shown of Sabine’s first meeting with Jeremy on the BBC programme, Richard was shown giggling.

Repeating Sabine’s criticism of Jeremy’s driving, he said: “‘Your driving style is very funny’.

“And I did laugh out loud when I saw that.”

Jeremy was then filmed admitting: “I mean, I’m glad that I amused her.

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“But I still don’t know why it was particularly funny.”

Richard then teased his The Grand Tour and former Top Gear co-host about how he should have taken the time to learn from Sabine’s expertise.

He said: “Maybe listen, maybe she knows more than you!”

An old clip from the first time Sabine was seen on the show was played before Richard’s cheeky remarks.

Jeremy was seen explaining: “The Top Gear test track has eight corners. Silverstone – which is a big Grand Prix circuit – has 12 corners. The Nurburgring has 147 corners.


Sabine said: “At the moment it’s quite easy. Okay, and now accelerate, accelerate, accelerate…accelerate. It’s not really a corner,” she swiped.

“It’s a huge corner!” He exclaimed, which made Sabine laugh.

“This is my first lap,” Jeremy said in the old clip and Sabine replied: “Don’t brake so much.” 

Watching the video back, Jeremy added: “She was extremely critical of me. I mean, hurtfully so.”

“Do you know, I’m not feeling proud,” The Grand Tour presenter said. 

“Nevertheless,” Jeremy later continued in his piece to camera, “She did coach me well enough, so that I did a sort of sub 10 minute time.” 

German racing star and Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz died at the age of 51 after a long battle with cancer.

A statement confirming the news of her death read: “The Nurburgring has lost its most famous female racing driver.

“Sabine Schmitz passed away far too early after a long illness. We will miss her and her cheerful nature. Rest in peace Sabine!”

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