The ‘best time’ in Winter to prune climbing roses for an abundant Spring display

The ‘best time’ in Winter to prune climbing roses for an abundant Spring display

With temperatures plummeting further day after day, it’s a matter of time before plants in our garden start feeling the pinch of the cold.

Many gardeners will delay tasks like pruning until the new year, but as roses start losing their leaves this may present a window of opportunity.

One gardening whizz, named Jack Sutcliffe, believes one portion of Winter to be best for pruning climbing roses as it ensures lush regrowth in the Spring.

The gardening guru said: “The best time to prune climbing roses would be in the later winter, preferably right before the dormant season ends.

“This will ensure their health, promote new growth, and maintain their shape and structure.”

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The task of pruning climbing roses is one of the most beneficial for multiplying bloom numbers, according to experts.

Experts at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) confirm that pruning between December and February is ideal for climbing shrubs.

The establishment recommends shortening long shoots during the autumn to prevent damage from strong winds.

Leaving the pruning until Winter will be easier, however, as the shrubs won’t be carrying leaves at the time, and pruning will elicit a strong response from the flower.

“Don’t prune too early in spring as this can damage the new growth,” Jack added. “Similarly don’t prune too late in the season when they are about to bloom or have already started blooming.

“Late pruning can remove the flower buds and diminish the bloom time.”

Some gardeners have even argued that done correctly, pruning could double the number of blooms in time for Spring.

In a TikTok clip that racked up more than 3,000 likes, TikTok gardener Tom (@tommybeevoice) said he likes to bend his climbing roses to restrict sap flow and promote the formation of buds.

As a technique, training not only increases the number of flowers but also stops them from growing in clusters at the top of the trellis.

Some gardeners enjoy training their climbing roses as early as September, but the jury is out on which months guarantees the highest number of blooms.

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