The three best flowers to fill hanging baskets and when to plant them

The three best flowers to fill hanging baskets and when to plant them

Hanging baskets are a simple yet effective way to add height and colour to your garden. Trailing and vibrant make the best fillers for hanging containers, and there are plenty of varieties that can be prepared ahead of the warmer months. is a crucial time for in the run-up to spring, but which flowers will provide the most impressive blooms?

Filling hanging baskets with a variety of plants will secure an eye-catching display when they begin to flower.

Choosing the right pairings and position for suspended containers is crucial to get the most out of these understated garden accessories.

Sean Lade, director of Easy Garden Irrigation told “There are many factors to consider when creating hanging baskets, from the positioning of your hanging baskets, to plant selection and watering methods.

“It is important to check how exposed your baskets will be to sunlight during the year in order to choose flowers that enjoy the sunlight, or if your hanging baskets will be in the shade, flowers that survive with less light.”

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What are the best plants to grow in hanging baskets?

Striking a balance between bold foliage, trailing plants and delicate flowers is the secret to a perfect hanging basket.

While winter is a slow time for planting, these three varieties are ready to get going to secure a flowing, elegant basket in time for spring and summer.


These vibrant pastel-coloured flowers are ready to get going as we approach the last month of winter.

While it is too cold to plant them directly into outdoor baskets, late January to February is the perfect time to establish them indoors.

Lobelia Pendula

This short-lived perennial maintains its rich green foliage all year round, offering bold violet blooms from summer through to autumn.

Begin lobelia seedlings indoors during February and keep in an area with full sun or partial shade.

Keep the soil rich and moist to help the plant establish over a 10-week period before planting outside.

Similarly to petunias, lobelia should be transplanted to baskets outside after the risk of frost has passed.

Once planted outside:

  • Lobelia will flower from June to September
  • They can withstand a little bit of frost
  • They make a great addition to baskets for the flowing foliage and bold colouring


A British winter favourite, pansies are an excellent choice of flower for hanging baskets.

These frost-hardy flora come into bloom significantly earlier than most varieties.

Pansies will bloom from February to May but can be planted with petunias and lobelias for a continual display throughout the year.

While it is a little late to plant pansies for this year, you can sow this stunning variety in early spring to bloom throughout the last months of the year.

Transplant established pansies into a basket and under-layer with daffodils or dwarf irises.

To lengthen the blooming period of your pansies, pinch out flower heads that have finished blooming to ensure that nutrients are not wasted.

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