Trump's Ukraine call, Nixon's Watergate are drawing increasing parallels | USA TODAY

Trump's Ukraine call, Nixon's Watergate are drawing increasing parallels | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump’s pressure on Ukraine to investigate 2020 presidential challenger Joe Biden is increasingly drawing comparisons to former president Nixon’s Watergate scandal.
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  1. Mo William

    Sounds like there is a big plot behind this to divide our country and destroy the democratic system, from China I guess? They have the incentive and ability to do that and most of the media, includes USA today became its handler and not knowing it.

  2. Mary

    Oh my goodness, they want to impeach trump for doing less than Billary did. Are these people totally nuts? Why do people actually follow these “leaders”? I’m blown away at the way people buy into the crap. I’m not a Trump fan, but wow, it’s like the far left has no memory at all. I guess they want Trump another 4 years. Wow!

  3. degen83

    Uh no Watergate and the Trump Ukraine call have absolutely 0 pararellels. None.

    The actual Trump Ukraine phone call refutes everything the whistleblower said and everything the media is claiming.

    I look forward to another 4 years of Trump and hopefully the media will act responsibly in the next 4 years instead of pushing biased opinions and stories without fact checking.

  4. Anthony Stanford

    If you are a loyal Trump supporter who doesn't want to hear about how corrupt you fearless leader is than you might not want stay away for the news and just stick talk shows on fox. Not the news on fox because they are going to report the same. Talk shows only !

  5. Greg Morgan

    So the inaccurate statement of the liberal reporter can be set straight for the record, there was no outsourcing performed. Bidden admitted his corruption on national TV. The liberal media's play on words wears down the soul of a country.Their short term memory is convient, to say the least.

    I stand before you today in defense of many of my friends, who I know to be good souls and true patriots of our country. I know that many wish no ill will toward America or their countrymen that live in her with them. I say to you, I believe the majority truely do not know how they themselves are being deceived. How they are being lied to. I discovered this when I said to my oldest friend in the world that I can not believe you would wish the death of America. That you would think your son and your grandchildren would be better off in a socialist country. He replied, what are you talking about? I said are you not aware the Democrat party is now the new Democrat Socialist party. He said that is not what the Democrats want for the country. I said maybe not the people voting for the Democrats in power. That is not what they want but they probably did not want 20% of America's uranium to be sold to Russia. They probably did not want 1.6 billion in cash to be given to Iran, the number one terriost harboring country in the world. But that did not stop it from happening.

    There has got to be one decent Democrat left!! How can that one decent Democrat standby and feel good about what their party is doing? That is what the world said about the German people when it was discovered what was really going on in the concentration camps. Think about that as your party systematically trys to destroy America. Ask yourself, what is it that I am getting out of this? Why do I stand by and do nothing, say nothing? Americans have always stood up to the bullies of the world. Now half the country takes a back seat, saying nothing, doing nothing and watches the slow Death of America! If you remember but one thing. Remember this. Many of your realatives have died fighting for the beliefs and values you stand by and watch your party destroy!
    Is there one decent Democrat left? One that has the courage to stand up and say this is not right! We have once again taken things to far!!! Is there one liberal reporter that cares more about their country than their job? Is there not one liberal Congressman or one liberal Senator that will stand up for the America they grew up in and refuse to take part in the desyruction of their country they once take an oath of loyalty for. If there is that hero amongst you, now is your time to stand tall. Stand against your treasonous comrades. Say no more!!! I refuse to support the criminal party!! I will not take part in this treason against the country I love. To many people have given their life defending what you are trying to destroy!! I too will take my stand for liberty and freedom and justice.
    I too will give my life for my great country, for America!!
    Let us hear your voice!!!

    Wake up America, the Democrats are trying to destroy our country!!!
    The ExDemocrat

  6. abe

    Not even close just more smear and scare tactics. Libs gotta go seek mental health and emotional health and learn about history. Not Somalian
    American history but real history. Not even Ukraine American history as it doesn't exist. CNN is the main purveyor of all of this crap and Beto can take my guns and the world may end tomorrow but the left is so evil and anti God it is getting more and more real. They all speak so tough on nonsense but they are only trying to scare people and manipulate them. Investigate Joe first and then get back to us or keep it up and lose your congress jobs for ever. Watergate was an actual crime committed. The only crime I see is from the libs, the slander and constant lying to try and scare us and it is going to back fire so frigging hard on them the tears will create a new river that will turn our country into the leading producer of Truth. The river of Truth lets call it as no safe space exits to hide from Truth. Did Omar commit a crime by marrying the way she did? Why no investigation? Did Joe Biden brag about using Tax dollars as leverage to get a prosecutor off the case? Why no investigation. Did Hillary lose only because of corruption or did she just alienate half the country and does she still carry hot sauce in her purse? Did Bill Clinton have sex with that woman? The left has a very flawed knowledge of actual American history and are betting the rest of us are as stupid as they are. Did Don Lemon get drunk on national TV and take his shirt off? is that the highest degree of reporting that comes out of CNN. I could go on and on and on. Those that project fear live in fear. True story and history especially American history bears this out. Think about it libs and when you poke the bear and the hand gets bitten off or the skull gets ripped from your heads only you are to blame. The bear is just being a bear. Stop poking the bear and spare your hand or your life and this is just a metaphor not a threat at all as the other thing about attacking is to pull out a response that can be used against. My words aren't an attack or a threat just a view of how most of us don't live in fear and how must of us know history and most of us aren't to blame. Was Cathy whatevers thing about holding a bloody head of the president a threat, a Truth, or a tactic used to draw out a response that would allow the left to point the finger and say see we told you so? This game is the game hateful people play. It is just like the robber that blames the homeowner for the theft as the homeowner should have made it harder. Biblical history as well as we all know the left hates God and Jesus. Jesus spoke Truth and the liar hates that. Sorry for the longer than intended expose but sometimes things need to be pointed out.

  7. DJ Rinker

    Nope, the similarities being questioned are on the Democrats. Deep throat is the supposed un- named whilstleblower of watergate. Never interviewed? Who the Democrats supposedly named in the late 90's or 2000's like a week before he died. Hum?… Was he? Hum?… a simailarity to what? Ruby!!?? Yes he died, shortly after an arrest?!. In jail, before interviewed. Democrats involved. Oh yeah I bring up Kennedy because LBJ was a democrat!!! Maybe that's why Texas is Republican??? Go figure. Epstien isn't just on Trump's watch, he's on Congresses watch. Hum?!! NSA FBI watch. Hmm The BIG question is did Nixon tape his conversation with his contractors or was he recorded on by the SDS, Weather underground, Democrats, Hollywood sneakers movie types? Which? I wouldn't record such conversation if I was Nixon. And he was about 10 times smarter than me. So who's wirering the president's, and by who and what authority? Not the Constitution.Not the citizens of the USA. Since Assange and Snowden questions arise. We're talking FDR, Ike, JFK, we're talking espinoge. We didn't die at Normandy, or Pork Chop, or Hamburger or even Hiroshima for some wanna be rich persons agenda. And if local can than just as easy foreign. Our enemies. Enemies of the state. No Bidden needs to explain himself. And who gave him the authority? And who he was dealing with. Congress? The Prez.? Quit trying to put this on Trump, clean your room first.

  8. AndyShep

    Trump was investigating the corruption of Democrats. Just like Hillary breaking numerous laws but the Liberal Deranged Press ignores every crime that Hillary clearly committed and instead goes ape about a made up fake crime by Trump. Now it's the same thing with Biden.

  9. Neightrix Prime

    Ah, and the Russiagate hoax is totally different. Pay no attention to the spy warrants Obama's DOJ and FBI committed felonies to get, or the probe that never had a criminal pretense to begin with. No, Trump asking about something Biden bragged about doing is totally paralleled to Watergate.

  10. HutchinsonJC

    This video is really dumb. And the first moment of it's glorious failure was when you specifically said Biden and 2020 in the same sentence. Your agenda is showing. This has nothing to do with 2020. It has something to do with 2016. It has something to do with Hunter "cocaine" Biden being on the board that the prosecutor was fired from investigating. It has something to do with Biden saying Ukraine wasn't getting 1billion unless said prosecutor was fired.

    When I first wrote this, there was like 1400 dislikes on this video. Then I refreshed it and it showed 1200 some. Now, like 11hours later, it shows 1106 dislikes.

    How's that happening?

  11. l t

    Because Biden has ran around BRAGGING about his sons Ukraine job being protected because JOE BIDEN had a Ukraine prosecutor fired that was looking into fraud of Bidens son and company he worked for. Find the tapes on Joe bragging about it on his campaign trail….and find Hillays 60,000 "lost" emails from her illegal bathroom PC hooked to her illegal BlackBerry phone, and find Obama's birth certificate too.
    Trump2020…..and every Trump available after that…..

  12. VanGiai Do

    USA Today published the propaganda of faked news. Adam Schiff read the modified transcript at the beginning of Maguire's testimony, he is a liar. He has been lying to public and Congress to have an evidence over three years of collusion, now he lied today on transcript. The whistleblower is not first hand but second hand as hearsay. Adam Schiff used the hearsay to overthrow the president.

  13. Edward Decker

    TRAITOR TRUMP LOCK HIM UP. And pay attention Trumpanzees the media isn't doing anything but telling you what's going on. They didn't do anything wrong; Trump, and his staff tried to cover up another one of the illegal things he has done; it's not their fault that you are so stupid you don't get why the government shut down his FAKE COLLEGE, AND CHARITY, AND WHY HE HAS OVER 5,000 LAWSUITS AGAINST HIM. It's yours! If the media didn't tell us Trump has paid $1.4 million in fines in the past for hiring illegal, and we just caught him with 38, more working in his NJ golf clubs, the intelligent people wouldn't be able to know that he is a lying dung heap. As for his followers it doesn't matter if they hear the truth, because they are all too stupid to win a Darwin Award. Still not getting it Trumpanzees? Here is your leader telling you idiots he bribes people for favors, and somehow you heard he's going to drain the swamp, when he's one of the swamp creatures who created the swamp. What doe's it take for you morons to wake up?

  14. studfindingball

    Trump's phone call was the start of a back ground check on Manchurian Candidate Biden &Son. Perfectly legal. And perfectly justified, since apparently Biden's Son was earning $50,000 a month from Burisma for JUST SHOWING UP!! What the F?? Our many national security needs outweigh the needs of the silly few in the House butthurt by bad press for their candidate. Especially when you consider the glaring security breach of Trump's phone call. Loose lips sink ships.

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