Weight loss diet plan: Slimmer used exercise and high protein plan to shed 12st

Weight loss diet plan: Slimmer used exercise and high protein plan to shed 12st

Many Britons have weight loss goals but knowing the best way to achieve these can be a challenge. Some slimmers may drastically cut things from their diet while others will spend more time in the gym. With a starting weight of 29 stone, one man changed his lifestyle and slimmed down by a staggering 12 stone. The dieter, Christopher Pandolfo, from Manchester, he followed a healthy eating and exercise programme for his transformation.

What did he do?

Struggling with his weight for his entire life, Christopher was 29 stone and pre-diabetic when he made a change.

Using the online fitness and nutrition programmes on Beachbody, the 37-year-old started working out regularly and changed his diet.

He said: “The turning point in my 29 stone and desperately unhappy life? Finding Beachbody, a global provider of fitness and nutrition programmes.”

While on the plan, he focused on drinking superfood shakes and adding healthy fruits, vegetables and protein into his diet.

As well as changing what he ate, the slimmer began following a structured workout programme.

He said: “Thousands of workouts later, Shakeology superfood shakes, nutritional programmes, mentorship in my Beachbody coach and a loving supportive community, I literally came alive.

“Twelve months in, I lost nine stone but gained a 3ft wide smile. I now value my life, and have even built a business in helping others lead an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Since dropping nine stone in the first year, Christopher stayed focused and slimmed by a further three stone.

When they have lost weight, slimmers are often keen to share their tips on how to get into shape.

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