Weight loss: ‘Super effective’ workouts to help burn body fat – ‘Work out 3 times a week’

Weight loss: ‘Super effective’ workouts to help burn body fat – ‘Work out 3 times a week’

Throughout the pandemic, Britons have had to turn to working out from home while the gyms were closed. Although gyms are back open, many may still not feel safe to step foot in one or may even prefer exercising from the comfort of their own home. Speaking to Express.co.uk, one expert has revealed the best movements for weight loss.

Daria Gambles from Contour, explained: “Some of the best moves you can do are bodyweight moves – squats, lunges, press ups, planks, pull-ups, etc.

“These are super effective – squats and lunges help your lower body and your core, and they work on stability and strength of the legs, plank and press ups are very good for your upper body – upper back, upper arms, etc.

“These, all done correctly, are super effective for your upper and lower body.”

Squats mainly work the lower body as well as helping to reduce extra body fat while lunges help to build strength and tone in the core and legs.

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“With kettlebells, there are lots of variations you can do – squats, above your head, pull up at the side, you can swing the kettlebell, you can do American swings, just full compound explosive moves that will burn calories.

“You can also do leg extensions and sit ups with it – you don’t need a lot of space, you can create little circuits in your area.”

How often should slimmers be working out?

The expert explained: “I advise you to at least work out three times a week – as well as being active on the days you aren’t working out.

Dara continued: “I don’t advise people to go on drastic diets, but instead watch your calories alongside being active. 

“You want to make sure you are not eating more calories that you burn – and be more mindful of what you are eating , track your calories, or just be more mindful of what you put on your plate in terms of portion control.

“The source of the food is also always important – making sure you are getting a good level of protein, enough vegetables, fibre, good fats, olive oil and complex carbs such as with wholemeal rice, potatoes, pasta and veggies.”

These foods will help to keep you full, reducing the need for snacking throughout the day.

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